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September 3rd, 2013, 16:29
Star Trek Into Darkness


Very pretty, VERY stupid.

I still loathe Abrams with all of my heart.
I tried to walk out of that film 3 times, but the other half wouldn't let me. The first one wasn't terrible. They made it seperate from the original series, and that was a smart move. But the half-assed fan service, the lazy story-telling and the fact the Kirk's story was basically the same as in the first one, angered me end.

The one thing I will say was Cumberbatch was excellent. He acted rings around everyone in it.

I don't hate Abrams, Some projects he's involved in, I enjoy. But this was awful.

(and I was really disappointed to see people are still drinking Budweiser 300 years from now).
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