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March 25th, 2011, 04:19
I don't think they were as dreadful as some would say. The old ones still have that old one feel. There was a fan made translation done of the first three of the Lyllagym that were combined for the SNES that was only published in Japan and its considered the highest quality graphics of any any version of those games.

Zloth, if you look at the history of the legal problems Woodhead and Greenberg have had with Sirtech and trying to get their game back you might conclude that these Japanese companies do not have the rights to the old ones - Sir-tech Canada retains the rights, though the devs (including the Curries) have taken jobs with other companies - EA Montreal mainly I believe.

I believe the bankruptcy judge gave them $30k for the illegal transfer of the rights from Sir-tech to Sir-tech Canada in the summary. I am not sure why they didn't demand they be recognized as the owners of the license and let Sirtech Canada or Sirtechs creditors keep the pittance (I think they wanted something like $150k but only $40k was in escrow).

I'd like to ask them sometime. Regardless, the Japanese ownership issue is always one that left me scratching my head, especially when they published here. After all, they even use the same old logo.
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