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September 4th, 2013, 14:45
In an legend/fairytale it was told that Merlin had (re)built Stonehenge, probably that's why.

Current age speculations are set by the data Archaeologists got ffrom diggings there - within Stonehenge, there were found a few graves.

There's an fascinating film by the National Geographic about Stonehenge, too.
In it, an Archaeologist speculates that Stonehenge was originally part of two sites with different symbolic meanings.

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The Beaker People, or whoever first built it, didn't have writing as far as we know. So really, that parts not "history".

The Beaker People, or whoever first built it, didn't have writing as far as we know. So really, that parts not "history".

Yes, but their clay things can be dated using modern methods (photoluminiscence or how it is spelled).

And it was probably them who had built the very first instances of Stonehenge (Stonehenge was changed at least 3 times during the ages).

Apart from that, I really like this timeline.

Edit : Sorry for my grammar.

Edit : Regarding the Hittites … : It is possible that Troy was a member of the Hittites Empire . This was deduced by linguists.
The German-language article is much more detailed. It mentions the Alaksandu-Treaty as well. Which is quite important for modern interpretations of where Wilusa once were.

Edit : Regarding the Scyths : There's an nice article on Wikipedia on them. Unfortunately I haven't been visiting any exhibitions about them during the last 10 years. Because my focus is elsewhere.
But - the knowledge about them has very much increased during the last 20 years, as far as I know !

What I really don't understand is this "LXX" sign ???

Edit : And the Etruscand need some work, too. They were natives, and becomes melted into Roman society.

I hold the obscure theory that they had actually been refugees from TRoy, according to a few points :

- Similarities to Lydian language & culture have been found.
- Troy was a part of Lydia.
- A stele has been found on Lemnos, with the language having similarities to early Etruscan language.
- The "Aeneid" was written so that it shows the journey of refugees from Troy to Rome.

To me, these are igns that a population might have fled from Toy to Italy and then founded Rome. Or at least founded a place to live there.
But - that's just my obscure theiry.
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