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September 5th, 2013, 03:40
I don't think there was any sacrifice there. The celts didn't build it and that seems to be where that logic comes from.

Also there is script going back at least to 10k BC in central europe but we don't know for sure it's a language like we know it.

Most of what alrik posted, I agree with, too. Most of it is pretty certain. Plus the romans themselves and a lot of others have direct genetic evidence of coming out of anatolia. The etruscans probably came out before the romans, though, and not in the fall of troy. Only reason anyone doubted that in the past is sometime in the last 500 years we started to think that troy was a legend but now we know where it is again. The romans knew and even returned and built a city there for a while, that also got razed and forgotten. Not the luckiest spot in the world.

Basically illiad should be taken like a history of the end of troy and mycenaens, not a fiction. Of course it's probably more like braveheart the movie kind of history, not meant to be taken as 100% reliable.
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