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July 31st, 2011, 01:21
The post on the Eidos forum is in all likelyhood made by Dutch Lead Programmer Jim Offerman. As reported before the development (or porting) of the PC version is done by Dutch company Nixxes.

The previous statement you linked was made by Jean-François Dugas the Game Director.

So either they changed their minds or Dugas only knows things for certain about the console versions.

By the way, that was a very dickish response by Dugas.

I've never gotten sick playing console games on my PC (or on my tv, which is next to my PC on the desk) at all. I am however color-blind (Reds and Greens), but this is the second time I've read that people have questions about them in regards to games (the other was a question to JE Sawyer), but also with that I've never had encountered a problem.
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