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November 18th, 2008, 07:35
There was too much of the sappy stuff for me in SPR. Perhaps it was the contrast of all the kitsch with the brilliant Omaha Beach scene I didn't like. Spielberg ruined many great movies by tacking on disturbingly sweet endings (or beginnings)…
BoB, on the other hand, told many different stories in many different styles (the series was done by several directors, and it showed). Interesting that they made such a great series from a mediocre-to-lousy book… Stephen Ambrose's 'fact' book was a rather unpleasant read.

There was another (indy) war movie I really liked - A Midnight Clear. It was a rather different experience as it came from a totally different angle, but it was a quite faithful 'translation' of a novel.

Like Remus I'm a fan of war movies (watched quite some of them at theaters and own a drawer full of war DVDs).
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