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January 22nd, 2011, 19:04
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How do you figure, Skaven? Interplay has not got a MMOG in full scale and it's past the two year deadline. To me, it looks like Bethesda is saying that Interplay was unable to meet the contract and so their window of opportunity is gone. Interplay would love to get a piece of Bethesda's profits, but it's not going to happen. People who get mad at Bethesda for protecting the investment that they paid for are crazy or just jealous of all the success Bethesda has had with all of their crpgs. Do you really want to see Fallout revert to pathetic Interplay? You'll never see another game.
2 year deadline? Missed that part.

But then why is Bethesda doing all of this other nonsense? If they haven't met the criteria then I would believe that is the route that Beth's lawyers would take. Yet, they're not which tells me there is more to the MMO than what has been released to the public. Just a guess.

In any event, I just want Bethesda to either shut up and let Interplay do it's thing or for Interplay to call it quits. Enough of this lawyer BS. Get back to making the silly games and stop crying over this nonsense.

As for preference well I wasn't really talking about that, but since you asked Interplay can have their lame MMO and Beth (with a lot of help from Obsidian) can make the single-player version. That would be fine with me. Keep Beth away from making the games all by themselves. They just can't do it properly.
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