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January 22nd, 2011, 21:50
This whole thing is not even interesting any more. Interplay are not claiming they are working on Fallout MMO themselves, 2 years ago they said they've hired a then little known Bulgarian MMO developer who today is on the same level of unknown, but they are close to releasing their first !!!! game in a couple of weeks. And doomed to fail, if what I did hear about it is true - it's not even half finished and will probably be a huge release day beta if they can survive and have people working on both their own title and the Interplay Fallout MMO). Virtually nothing has been heard about Interplay's title for more than two years, apart from the ongoing BethSoft case. Makes me wonder if the whole shenanigans are indeed an "Interplay has lawyered up" and are trying to take back nullify the contract where they sold the Fallout rights in some way.

The last of which would screw BethSoft majorly, since I bet they have at least 3 different Fallout games in various stages of production - Fallout 4 for sure, a MMO of their own, since if I remember correctly they have their own internal MMO studio for the last couple of years which has announced no titles so far, and at probably another "New Vegas" type sequel or some other spin-off.
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