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January 8th, 2012, 12:58
Best RPG 2011:
If it wasnīt for Drakensang 2 I would have problems choosing my number one, because other games ended up in a tie (The Witcher 2, DE: HR, Skyrim).

1. Drakensang 2
The only RPG on the list I consider to be a "fully fledged" one and it also happens to be good.
Early quest(s) differing based on a chosen character type, good character system which gets a good support in-game (including crafting and a lot of skill checks in dialogues), party based, multiple quest solutions, some C&C, some dungeon crawling, wealthy amount of sometimes not entirely straightforward puzzles, well designed boss battles including one of my favourite from 2000+ (Zant), side quests getting dispersed based on progress in the main story (areas canīt be "cleaned" upon first visit), good production values, freshly non-"epic" story, very little of filler combat.
Compared to the other three candidates Iīve found the least amount of flaws in this game (one filler combat-y location, limited diversity of party members and few issues with combat mechanics) and consider it a gold standard for how to address predecessorsī issues in a sequel.

2. As I said, that would be a tie between The Witcher 2, DE: HR and Skyrim which Iīve found all enjoyable (mostly for different reasons).
Went with The Witcher 2 in the end, simply because in hindsight it provided me with the most memorable experience of the three.

Best Indie RPG 2011:
1. Frayed Knights
Seemed like a "nice little" tongue-in-cheek homage to the oldschools and not much else at first, but the game actually brought some substantial new things to the table as well. Finally getting the endurance mechanics under control felt good .

2. None
Neither Avadon nor Dungeons of Dredmor grabbed me and I didnīt pay attention to the rest.

Most promising RPG 2012:
1. Risen 2
Piranha Bytes + pirate setting. Nuff said, in my book .
Hopefully the game wonīt be too "mainstream-ized".

2. Dragon Commander
Seems like an interesting genre mixing venture and some breath of fresh air is solely needed on the RPG-y front I think, hopefully itīll pan out well.

Also, Dark Souls for PC needs to happen.

Most promising indie RPG 2012:
1. Dead State
Canīt say Iīm into "zombie genre" besides Dawn of Living Deadīs take on it, but fortunately Dead State seems to be taking the DoLDīs route .
Also, canīt wait for Brian Mitsodaīs writing because what he did for Bloodlines belongs among my absolute favourites in the category.

2. Age of Decadence
Skill check driven roleplaying experience where combat isnīt necessarily THE problem solving tool? Yes, please.

That said, Iīll be rather surprised if any of these two will be released this year.
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