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October 20th, 2012, 16:50
This sounds like an error I had when my video card was not properly seated (it weighs too much and the case screws do not properly support it so it stresses the PCIE slot.) I would try reseating the video card and laying the computer on its side (obviously remove optical discs first). If it is a laptop then this probably is not the problem though.

If it turns out to be video card related and it is a laptop it would more likely indicate a dying or overheating GPU/daughter board. If it is a desktop and video card related then the most likely problem is that it is not firmly/properly seated - though overheating is still possible particularly if a large amount of dust has accumulated on heat sinks. On that note it is also possible the north bridge on the motherboard is overheating espescially given that some MB designs have the heatsink for the GPU sitting right over the NB - which often has little in the way of heat dissapation itself.

Also maybe try reinstalling the graphics drivers - but I don't think that's likely to be the problem since you already checked the error logs. A driver failure would have been more likely to be obvious from the logs, but it may have failed in a way that prevented proper reporting.
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