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February 6th, 2013, 09:21
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I never had all these huge bug fests that certain posters seemed to have, oh well.
For me, TES games are Chinese water torture of bugs. Death by a thousand cuts. It's these small little things that range from annoyances like quests not clearing your log or quest items remaining stuck in your inventory after they've served their purpose and other little things like that which pile up higher and higher as you play this kind of game for perhaps 100s of hours.

And for those who are tripping over themselves to quip back that 'no games are bug free' I am not asking or expecting that. I'm just asking that they change their ways for example like forgoing a super cool release date (11-11-11) in favor of polish. And after the game is released, paying attention to at least some of the little things and getting them fixed.

I've been buying every TES game since Arena and I have loved all of their games. But in this area of polish, they are hugely lacking and for god's sake they really need to up their game in this department already. It would be like as if their graphics were still at the level of Doom 2. Clearly we would all probably say Skyrim is fun, but for god's sake it's been 20 years can you do better than doom 2 graphics already? that's how i feel about their lack of good polishing.

I'll continue buying the TES games because I really like them in general. But no more day 1 purchases for me and I will not buy their DLC piece-meal anymore. It's going to be bargain bin bundle packs for me unless they change their ways. It's been 20 years of this 'forget about all the little bugs' mentality and its just enough for me now.
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