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May 23rd, 2013, 08:56
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This has been the case for many years - AAA devs have focused on consoles for a long time now. But PC gaming didn't die and is far from dying. Times are changing with Kickstarter - and mid-range developers are putting a lot more focus on PC-centric games now.

I actually think we're entering a new renaissance of PC-centric gaming, brought through Kickstarter. Many of the most exciting Kickstarters are designing for PC first and foremost.

And these are games made with passion - not designed by a marketing committee.
Transitioning takes time. Transitioning from the period when games were developped with the potential of a PC in mind to a the period when PCs are the cheap platform to release on, with ports, student class projects, or the same, same old, tried and tested game designs.

In the past, consoles started on strong bases relatively to PCs. As shown by a chart posted on this chart.
This generation of consoles starts even with or slightly behind PCs. And XBOX premiere revealed that developpers held back on games features to reserve them for consoles. It tells everything for PC gaming. It no longer exists. PCs provided the potential to support certain game features but developpers did not take the opportunity.

Hard to see any KS project signaling a PC gaming renaissance: most games if not all are games that could have been released at least five or six years ago. PCs could already support them.

KS projects are more from developpers who cant afford to developp for consoles as they cant simply compete and use PCs to release their third world games.

Actually, all these developpers are going to be fed by the achievements released by console gaming. They will copy the innovative features.

If games released on PCs were only ports of tablet, IPad games etc, I bet you could find easily players reporting a PC gaming renaissance.

There will be games played on PCs for a long time. Does not mean that PC gaming is not dead.
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