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July 23rd, 2014, 11:19
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So much venom spewed in ESO's way, sometimes it makes me question my sanity for liking & seeing so much potential in the game. Is it people that expected Skyrim with multiplayer, people that wanted something closer to WoW, or cynicism addicts that jump to hate on something by habit? It's kinda sad because there are many that are swayed by these guys that occasionally like to throw temper tantrums whenever they see something that's not going their way, and the idea that "Eso sucks" just keeps getting reinforced.

Anyway, I value your opinion DArtagnan and I am glad to see that you like the game. I'm really looking forward to all the things they announced @Quakecon, here's hoping that the game will do well.
Refreshing to hear something positive about it around here

Yeah, I've wondered along similar lines myself. Sure, the game has issues - but even so, I found it to be the most interesting MMO to come out in years.

As soon as they migrate the servers to EU, I'll be right there playing again. I love what I'm hearing about the Justice system and player bounties. Such things can become an issue if not controlled properly, but there's potential for a lot of fun there, too.

I don't really know why the game is so universally despised - I truly don't. Much of it probably has to do with the crappy way they handled it in terms of pricing and the pre-order scheme - which I've been vocally against. Also, I think a lot of people "grew up" in terms of the MMO genre with WoW, meaning they're not really ready to accept that it can be done very differently without being wrong.

Then we have a lot of people who're simply fans of Skyrim and expected the same from an MMO. I can understand and sympathise with that, though I actually think ESO offers more in that way than any other MMO out there. But it's still trapped in the MMO framework, which is obviously a negative if you're looking for a solo experience exclusively - and you think the game can cater to you as the only hero in the world.

Beyond being fantastic to look at and having one of the most, if not THE most efficient engines out there - I was surprised at the quality of the writing, and the numerous C&C I witnessed even in trivial quests.

I kept being positively surprised as I played it. I was just pissed at how they ignored the EU server issue as if it meant nothing at all - and how they didn't address it for a long time.

But it seems they might have learned their lesson and they've been humbled a bit. Again, their plan for the future is among the most impressive and bold I've seen with the MMO genre. Now, they just have to prove they can do it

I suspect that it will end up being one of the more popular and well-liked games in a few years. It just takes the ignorant masses to calm down and actually try it out.




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