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July 24th, 2014, 11:11
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That's one of the things that WoW always did flawlessly, it had that fluid & responsive feel when it came down to using skills, moving etc. and in my opinion — this played a big role in its success. In general, however, I believe that one of the biggest reasons of its success was right timing of release.
I agree completely. WoW had a certain level of polish and technical mastery that's very rare. Certainly, they had a ton of problems because of overpopulation, but that's something I doubt anyone could have avoided during that unexpected explosion in the MMO audience.

No one could have predicted that.

Most likely. I'm very glad that ESO is doing it differently, it's refreshing. Then there's Wildstar, I guess those that want to re-live WoW in a way can migrate there. By the way, nothing wrong with WoW, it was and probably is still a fantastic game for many, I often find myself re-subbing just to explore the world of the newest expansion, I'm just tired of the formula and how predictable the content cycles are.
Wildstar is ok, but I think its success is short-lived. People are just excited about having a "new WoW" - and as soon as they find out it's really not that different, and doesn't have the years of content and massive budget of WoW, they'll all but forget about it.

It's simply not enough, I suspect.

Also, I have to say I doubt 40-man raids can have a true comeback. People might think they want that kind of coordination hell again, but I doubt the majority will hold to it after the changes in the MMO scene we've seen the last 10 years.

Also, yes, it would have helped with the reception if their choices were different regarding the pre-order scheme. Then you also have buffoons like Angry Joe with no understanding of the mmorpg genre 'reviewing' the game. I'd say that he should turn to comedy if I found him even remotely funny.
Agreed again. I can't tell you how annoyed I am with people like Angry Joe - who has power completely out of sync with his insight.

It's pop-culture at its most destructive.




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