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April 3rd, 2018, 12:49
Hello, I'm a member of Black Geyser team. Thank you for your feedback, everyone! The total party size will be 5 characters. This includes the protagonist.

Our old video (defeating Lord Balrun) is still available on YouTube, but we don't refer to it in our recent updates. This is because it uses the old (now obsolete) game UI.

Originally Posted by Morrandir View Post
Yep. I think they had problems finding investors or to get the game to a presentable state - which is probably the same thing.
Fortunately, the game is much more than just presentable. It's almost finished. But in software industry, everyone knows what "almost" means. This is especially true in gaming industry. We need to finish the missing parts, refine and balance every aspect of the game, do the Quality Assurance etc. And more importantly, before we complete it, we need your feedback. We need as many players as possible to hear about this project. Kickstarter is very useful for that too.

The other reason for Kickstarter is that our (old and new) investors need a successful Kickstarter as a proof of interest. After that, we receive their final round of funds. And this also explains why it took us so much time to agree with investors: we want to retain full control over the project (including creative freedom). As a new studio, it is not easy to find investors, telling them "we need your money, but we want to keep full control over the project". This is why we don't want a publisher at the moment. One of the publishers who approached us was very tempting, but one of its conditions was that we aren't allowed (!) to do a Kickstarter at all.

And creating a full-featured RPG (inspired by Baldur's Gate) requires a lot of money. So you're absolutely right that we had some problems in the past finding enough investors, but that's now solved. We're now backed by several private investors.

Both the Kickstarter page and the video are 100% finished, so the launch is guaranteed. We just need to promote the game before KS launch, because a lot of people still don't know that Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness exists at all.

And no more silence - there will be regular updates from now on. Let me know if you have any questions.




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