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July 10th, 2021, 01:00
Originally Posted by JFarrell71 View Post
And I'm telling you that the way it works in D&D 5e is an even stronger advantage which can also be used in any circumstances. No stealth rolls required, no flanking required. Your issue is with WotC, not Larian. You want them to nerf it, fine. But don't blame their implementation for being OP. Ya know?
WotC has nothing to do with that, and I doubt that a DM would go along with several people backstabbing one another overtly, over and over, since it makes no sense, there are prerequisites to being granted advantage. It would be fine if backstabbing were a one-shot, in stealth mode. But to each their own I guess. I just feel it breaks the balance and the interest of the feature, and is not in the spirit of 5E at all.

They're still tuning the game, so I'm not worried. For ex. the rogue in BG3 is clearly overpowered. Perhaps it's better now if they got the cunning action right, which I'm not even sure.

Blaming them is a strong word, I'm sure they'll come up with something fine eventually. Perhaps if they stopped trying to please everyone, and if they stopped tinkering with a ruleset which was fine to start with, they would spend less time re-balancing the game and could do something more productive instead. We saw with D:OS2 that tinkering rules was not what they did best.
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