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July 10th, 2021, 09:05
Originally Posted by JFarrell71 View Post
No, they can't, but in a computer game you often have no way of knowing that a roll is about to occur. It's a necessary concession to the difference between how a P&P game is played and how a computer game is played.
In some cases sure, but why should you (in full view of others) now get to cast a spell when in dialogue, for example? That would be very suspicious, especially with some new person you'd never met, especially if they are hostile. At the very least, if it's dialogue related, then you should have to make some sort of skill roll to disguise it. I played in a campaign years back where magic was forbidden, and we had a special skill to 'disguise casting'. Something like that is at least plausible - of course, the same should really hold for any spell casting around hostile characters. I think this is just too powerful.
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