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July 10th, 2021, 09:25
Originally Posted by JFarrell71 View Post
The way that D&D 5e actually works is even easier to pull off. It you have "backstab" damage, all that needs to be true is that a friendly is adjacent to your target. You don't even have to flank them. Making it impossible to backstab by moving around behind somebody may appeal to your sense of realism, but it would absolutely not be closer to the tabletop rules.
There are various situations where you can get advantage in combat (spells etc), but as a result of positioning only (of charcters vs party members vs enemy) only the rogue gets advantage on attacks (+ extra damage as a result) - as far as I know, from the core rules. Flanking isn't part of the core, and requires very specific positoning. I do not have a problem with rogues getting advantage - they are over-powered in this respect, but that has been "their thing" for years. Unless you mean something else? I'm talking about Larian's arbitrary assignment of advantage to any character simply by virtue of moving behind someone. And not allowing that character to react as you happily skip around them to set this up. At the very least the target should have a chance to notice you, and if it does you lose the benefit. In BG3 I was happily jumping over characters to then get advantage. Hopefylly new jump implementation fixes that somewhat, but I still think it's OTT (and made worse because enemies do it all the time, so you have to do the same otherwise you're hobbling yourelf).
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