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July 10th, 2021, 09:48
Originally Posted by booboo View Post
I do not have a problem with rogues getting advantage - they are over-powered in this respect, but that has been "their thing" for years. Unless you mean something else? I'm talking about Larian's arbitrary assignment of advantage to any character simply by virtue of moving behind someone. And not allowing that character to react as you happily skip around them to set this up.
Is that the case? Any class can do this in BG3? I wasn't aware of that, and apologize to Redglyph if I misunderstood that part. I haven't played much BG3 yet pre-release, and I assumed it was just rogues who had that ability, as in the P&P rules.

The skipping around characters part is pure P&P rules, though. In D&D 5E, as long as you remain within 5 feet of an enemy you can move around them without incurring attacks of opportunity.

So, you folks are saying that in BG3 ANY class can:
get behind someone and thus gain advantage
get behind someone and thus gain extra damage
do so without needing to be flanking
and do so without needing someone to even be adjacent to the same enemy?

That would indeed by OP and not accurate to the P&P rules. Seems weird and wrong to me, but I don't have the game installed to verify for myself.
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