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July 16th, 2021, 01:33
Originally Posted by SleepingDog View Post
It is sad but what is worse is that I think that we will need something that is bigger and badder in terms in human tragedy before the majority accept that major change is needed.

This is not just the politicians fault. If the vast majority of people started voting Green (as in political party) then the politicians would soon change. I noted in a local by-election(the UK) the Green Party got less than 4% of the vote cast.

People do not like change especially if it affects them directly. See how the other countries are reacting to the "Green Plan" from the EU.

My only consolation is that I will be dead, from old age, before the worse of Climate Change hits.

Here's hoping I am very badly wrong and we get Climate Change Control/ Reversal sort out within the next ten years.
Everyone wants someone else to be impacted and someone else to pay for it. Human nature in a nutshell.
How about all games have a single huge lootbox you pay for up front that contains all the options, items, skins, unlocks etc? I'd pay for that!!
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