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July 16th, 2021, 11:25
Originally Posted by Wisdom View Post
Baffling concept to me. Politicians are your neighbors with a job in council, municipality, county, town, development office etc.

They don't have magic powers or awareness. They weigh out the pros and cons based on advice from your other neighbors who demand more housing and your other neighbors that run construction and landscaping and cleaning and babysitting services and approve what the majority wants.

If they don't… then all the neighbors boot that person out and vote in their other neighbor that will listen to the majority of them.
But isn't that what he said?

Politicians are elected for a short period, they'll favour anything that works within that period to increase their chances or the chances of their party for the next term. Long-termed objectives like not stupidly building in floodable areas or preserving green areas in towns and cities does not fit well in that agenda, as you say, people who vote for them are short-sighted.

There must be a long and grinding work of educating and convincing enough people so they understand the necessity of long-termed goals, if not for their sake, at least for their children's. And whose role is that, if not the politicians'? It should be their moral duty, even if they're not in the green party, but it's a very slow process to get there.
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