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January 18th, 2013, 02:01
The bows were simply fun. The better spells take alot of mana so relying on magic for ranged is problematic. The early battlefields have literally 1000's of arrow drops of all types. I had around 19K regular arrows, 3K bone arrows, 2K fire, 1.5K explosive etc. So the skill is a good one with ample ammo to shore up a magic user. The Ranaar and Elven bows, once acquired are pretty devastating even with regular arrows. I spent most of my time with a lesser but augmented for Agility Shadow Bow.

Summoning dolls might be weak but armed with ranged weapons and kept at a distance can be effective. Also, even used for melee they are great for distracting an enemy so he doesn't focus all his attention on your avatar or Death Knight.
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