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May 20th, 2007, 16:02
"After the first few hours of play, it becomes obvious that Two Worlds is yet another victim of the somewhat dicey free-roam gameplay formula."

Wait wait wait… Okay, maybe I just don't have a thorough grasp of all the nuances of the English language, but I thought 'dicey' meant something risky, or unpredictable? But this guy follows up the phrase with a paragraph about the predictability of free-roam gameplay.

No, no. It's not me this time…. I think he needs to go back to grammar school.

On another note, I've noticed on the news bits that Two Worlds has already been patched 3 times, and some of the issues fixed (or at least claimed to be fixed) were ones that Maylander was complaining about. This to me, is a good sign. They are rolling out the fixes in a hurry, and as we all know, a game can be significantly improved with enough and the proper patches implemented.
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