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April 23rd, 2009, 10:26
I would have to agree with those that say the very first priority should be to completely rework the utterly dreadful and dull skill system.

I don't really care if they go the traditional XP route - or if they insist on having skills increase according to use. But for heaven's sake - provide the player with tangible and satisfying rewards at a very steady pace THROUGHOUT the game.

Beyond that, I assume they've learned their lesson regarding challenge scaling - but in case they haven't: DON'T DO IT.

Nothing destroys the careful planning of a character build like scaling encounters. Make us feel rewarded and let us sense our progression.

Oh, and reduce the amount of content if that's what it takes to enrich and diversify the world. Introduce carefully crafted dungeons and locations - and implement genuine mind-challenges in the shape of puzzles or NPC interaction options.

For my dream feature - we'd be talking about small scalle cooperative multiplayer mode and perhaps the possibility of much more elaborate prestige related rewards. As in, ownable ships and houses that mean something.

But ok, I could go on.




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