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April 23rd, 2009, 14:39
I admit I didn't play Daggerfall for long. I couldn't stand the masochistic dungeons or generic towns, so maybe the system is a real gem and I missed most of it.

I think a traditional XP-and-level system works very well but I'm not tied to that - I do think the improve-as-you-use-it system has too many flaws in return for little by way of advantages. I like planning out a character in detail, I like the regular rewards of traditional systems and I think it's easier to avoid jack-of-all-trades uber-characters and then balance the whole shebang.

Either way, Bethsoft has proven they can't quite figure it all out. Oblivion was poorly balanced in multiple directions, such as improvement in non-combat skills affecting scaling in combat encounters. Even with SPECIAL in FO3, they couldn't get the rate of advancement right and then capped the level before you're likely to see 40% of the game.

Rethink the whole thing from scratch, I say.
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