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January 1st, 2011, 07:01
Any English release in NA &/or the UK I think would be fine.

I haven't played Drakensang River of Time either since I didn't know where to order it from. Also haven't played Two Worlds 2 yet because said they couldn't ship to my address (could have sworn they shipped to the US though).

And Crispy the list is every game covered by this site that came out in 2010. How thick do you have to be to not figure that out, he pretty much says it in the post? It's certainly not saying every game on there is WORTHY of being called game of the year but it is a game covered by this site and it did come out this year…so therefore it should be on the list. Ohh, I see you just wanted to be clever and get in a jab at us simpletons as your new years ever gift. Well thank you now piss off and go back to your cesspool. But I do agree that if Arcania comes in anywhere but last then someone really should just shoot themselves.
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