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October 18th, 2012, 21:42
thanks Sherwin

rudimentary random encounters are now working

It turns out loading an image dynamically is not only complicated, its a resource hog. But since I am only doing this once it shouldn't be a big deal.The portraits for the monsters that is.

As you see above some of the portraits get muddy and distorted. The Skeletons and Goblin I reduce to about 25k and the dragon is 98k - they show a big difference in quality at that screen size so I guess I will have to redo them.

Right now all you can do is attack and run.

I am going through a number of images that are in the public domain - basically anything over 100 years old.

I did get a kick out of one site featuring heraldic crests saying that his public domain images are definitely not for commercial use. I wonder if he has advertising on his site? Still, collections of them are copyrightable but I won't be using enough of them to be counted as such. In fact, my variations of them become copyright because I added changes - but I won't sweat that.

here's an example of something I can use

What do you think? I can't find much modern that is available free for commercial use and you want to make sure the images have the same sort of look. Medieval artists were required to maintain certain styles so different artists from the period tend to blend well together. Another option would be for me to hand draw them but that would take time (and effort).


The next step is to transfer the complete player information back and forth between activities and it uses a system Android calls parcels. A lot of Java developers like to use serializables and say they are simpler to work with but Parcels don't look so bad and serializables are an absolute mess in memory and speed I read.

My other option would be to set up an SQLite database and write directly to it instead. That's looking more and more like a better idea.
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