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Default RPGWatch Feature: Divinity 2 Preview

August 27th, 2008, 04:18
Myrthos traveled to the recent Leipzig Games Convention for a first-hand look at Divinity 2. In this first part we report about the presentation, including comments and examples from Larian studio head Swen Vincke. Here's a snip:
One of the things you will be taught is the mystery of mindreading, which according to the words of Swen Vincke; “is a cool thing we have introduced in the game”. Every time you encounter a dialog in the game you have the option to read the mind of the person in front of you, which gives a new and unique twist to the quest you are doing. The mind reading is skill based as well, and you will get better at it when you assign more skill points to it. Furthermore, you will be given your shiny silver-blue eyes that will allow the dragon slayer to see the world of the undead (and yes I did ask him what this meant but he refused to spill the proverbial beans on this one). In addition, you will also be infused with dragon memory, which is what a dragon slayer needs to be able to combat dragons.
Note that some mild spoilers are included. Read it all here.
More information.
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