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June 4th, 2011, 18:31
Originally Posted by DeepO View Post
I don´t consider the differences between going after Triss or helping Roche insignificant. Different encounters, different areas, different dialogues and story bits. The third scenario occurs on Iorveth path and that one´s probably a bit more markedly different from the Triss one gameplay-wise (and can be started in 2 different ways which also affects gameplay). .
Sure. Very small differences, and no consequences.

I'm talking about the Ch 3 path choices individually, not one path vs the other.

If you were satifisfied with them though then that's fine. Everyone has different levels of expectations. I found Chapter 3 slightly disappointing compared to earlier parts of the game, but that's just me.

Originally Posted by DeepO View Post
We may not get to experience any consequences from them, but the different political outcomes are the consequences. For the time being, there´s not reason to assume they won´t happen the way they´re implied they will.
Whether The Witcher 3 will retcon them or not is a different story and it will certainly suck hard if retcons happen.
Nah… no reason at all to assume they won't happen that way. Kind of like the Shani-Triss choice from TW1.

Anyways, a few different lines of dialogue do not equal consequences in my book. So.. yeah, we'll agree to disagree. That's not to say the choices are meaningless though, because like I stated before, CDP has a chance to really do something with it in the next game.
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