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February 10th, 2013, 20:35
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Huzzah, finally finished!
Congrats .
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I love how the music for this encounter has this sedate quasi-romantic quality instead of the usual and almost expected bombastic overture.
Me as well. This kind of subversion isnīt particularly novel, but in this case it just worked exceptionally well. On my second character I was intentionally prolonging the battle to savour the moment.
Partially also because, similarly as with Manus, I managed to sorta screw the magic of this encounter the first time, mainly since

At any rate, Dark Souls is a poetic game .

Anyway, so … which

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Well, it's been a jolly grand adventure. Thanks all for reading my bollocksy words and also to the posters who gave assistance and words of wisdom along the way.
Thanks for the write-ups!
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