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March 26th, 2018, 08:21
Cricket. Weird sport, and incomprehensible to regular people (those living outside Oz. And a few other minor countries).

Yet another strange aspect of the sport: Use tape on the ball when throwing, and afterwards put the tape down into your trousers. I'm not sure about why, and also if the same piece of tape is used again and again (might be a bit unhygienic), or if there is a supply of fresh tape readily available.

According to some papers, the practice is considered cheating, and those doing it (and are discovered) are very sad and regretful. Given what I know (and especially don't know) about cricket, I suspect this is fake news. As I've said: lots of weird things are going on in the sport, and I'm not surprised if players become a bit confused by the end of those week-long matches.

pibbur who tries to think of insects when thinking of cricket.

PS. Did you know that crickets (there are 900 species of them) have ears on their front legs? DS.
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