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November 18th, 2021, 23:38
Originally Posted by bizorker View Post
I generally agree with the sentiment that asking your audience at that high a level what your creative content should be isn't a good sign. The best entertainment products comes from inspired artists, not from user polls.

Polls that ask "turn based option or not", "ideal party size', etc. would make sense.

Polls that ask "horror game or high fantasy game" do give off a bush league vibe IMHO.

With all that being said I just bought Solasta the other day at full price because I really wanted to play it and couldn't wait for a sale. So I've voted with my wallet!
Yes, that's fine. No problem with criticism of the survey. I just think the thread has taken a bit of a turn, so let's try to bring it down a bit, and stay on track.
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