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October 6th, 2019, 19:50
Originally Posted by Carnifex View Post
That is disappointing to hear, I kind of enjoyed looking for the occasional hidden switch or lever. What about hidden treasures or loot, any of those present in this newest offering?
I had a lot of fun to play this game, but it hasn't secrets, only a few abstract puzzles disconnected to main play and used as unlock, not many tricky exploration or quests parts. The dev said he focused put them in combats. There's a bit more progression that looks tricky but it's mostly fake, just illusion building to worry player. There's also some vaguely hidden stuff, like a container mildly hidden by a chair, but it's not frequent, and with a tiny inventory designed for a more focused lite expedition approach, there isn't much place for loots in dungeons so loot is limited.

What's the point then, and how it can be fun. For me:
- Party building, extended with a management layout, completed by a limited expedition inventory, open to a lot of experiment with free respec.
- Combats, I had to increase difficulty, but didn't bother end with Torment, and had few series of too easy combats. But thankfully I'm not smart enough nor did a party building good enough to faceroll the game, if you are/do you'll probably have a weak experience.
- Extreme freedom, curious of something, let check it, I enjoyed.
- Writing, found it more old school and more easy to read than in other games. But I also felt it more light, which was fine for me, but not for all.
- Lite expedition management, it's less fake then previous rest systems, but the more you progress the more it feel minor.
- Dungeons progressions, at least for some, a bit too many end a bit too linear through locks despite the layout isn't a corridor nor a series of rooms. The positive of those more linear dungeons is they have a better little story progression or mood progression.
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