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September 3rd, 2019, 15:45
Thanks for the info @Myrthos This game sounds like my kind of CRPG.

Originally Posted by Hastar View Post
5th edition D&D? Color me interested. Also, party based makes it even better. Waiting to see some of these computer games based on 5E to be released. I really enjoy the 5E table top rules.

5th edition games should have been released years ago but WotC move at a snails pace.
Wasn't Sword Coast Legends (technically) based on 5e? It seems virtually everyone who played it hated it and from the sounds of a things it was extremely watered down as far as rules, mechanics, and everything else went. Then the developer went under soon after release, presumably due to poor sales. But it's only official "5e D&D video game" until BG3 comes out.
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