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April 3rd, 2012, 18:13
I liked Underworld reasonably well (though I got tired of it before I got too close to finishing it). I do agree with your criticisms though, I love retro and indie games, but in some cases Underworld seemed to be too retro. As well as limitations existing that had no reason to exist in a modern game, at times the interface seemed designed to be intentionally clunky/awkward in order to give the feel of the clunky interfaces we knew and "loved" back in the day.

But if your nostalgic for MM 1, you can't do too much better then Underworld. It will contain many, many familiar elements. Unlike MM1 it also has a little plot too and there is a little extra complexity.

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I thought Underworld was a little too retro for my tastes, but I haven't kept track of Charles' updates. Back when I first played it, it was much more like M&M 1, with all the limitations that entailed. I believe inventory was 5 or 6 slots and there were perhaps 20 spells in the whole game. It may have changed though. I did finish it though, mostly from pure obstinance and I wanted to provide criticism. Hopefully the changes will be welcome. While I would never subject myself to Underworld again, I will look at the 2nd game's demo at least. If Charles upgrades to an MM3 level for his next game, I'll be a very happy camper.
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