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April 3rd, 2012, 18:36
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This game should be on GOG now since they also have indie games in their catalogue.
Gog turned it down, but I believe they didn't try it (answer came real fast, invoking lack of testing resources and imminent release of the 2012 catalog).

Perhaps the sequel…

Other than that Underworld made it to MM2 combat-wise with the implementation of distance management and the new tactical options build a bit on that foundation (giving both the player and enemy AI control over who is in melee and who isn't). MM3 requires animated mobs (with 100 mobs that is quite a budget), but even beyond that sacrifices distance management and its tactical aspects. The whole party is at the front row, either in hand-to-hand combat at all times, or ranged. It just isn't something I want to emulate. Especially the kiting part. Sorry Nut

I did add inventory slots (9x2 per character) and tons of loot as a direct result of Nut's criticism though. Take some and leave some
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