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December 12th, 2020, 14:07

I am currently working on a content and thus there's less to share. However there's a tiny bit of general game play to show off: crit fails.

As many role playing games, Space Wreck sports dice rolls and when you roll very low, it is a critical fail. This can happen with many interactions, most common being combat, but it also can happen to your character when trying to engage in a conversation. There are two rolls - CHARM and speech. CHARM determines whether the other person is actually willing to engage you and if you fail it, it means she/he perceives you as ugly, repulsive, maybe frightening and does not want to talk to you.

You can, then, try to force conversation by speaking to him/her but that's a speech roll and if you fail it, then you cannot muster a word out of your mouth, basically you are frozen, overwhelmed by anxiety. If you have failed both of those rolls there's a third way out - take a sip of any alcohol. That'll boost your self confidence and allow you to force yourself upon the other person even if they don't want to talk to you.

Worth noting that if you have above average CHARM/speech (3+) then you'll never fail this way, these outcomes are reserved for people who sacrifice those social stats. This also may force you to look for other ways to achieve your goal.

My ultimate goal was to improve the role-playing experience, to change a little bit of your game play if you decide to have low stats.
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