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June 16th, 2013, 06:16
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I'm not going to debate about what I said anyway. I can never put what I want to say in written form. Let me simplify it and say they know how to keep hype alive.
Maybe you're suggesting that the DLC information that tended to "leak" in the form of tidbits combed from the patches that routinely came a month before the official announcements was something they intended all along? Are you saying that the reason they didn't time the patches to coincide with the announcements was because they wanted modders to discover and post about things they found in them?

I mean I can believe that they knew modders would run into them while looking over patch changes in the editor in the course of updating the more involved mods even if they weren't specifically looking for spoilers on the DLC. If that was all how they planned it then it worked pretty brilliantly. The information gleaned from the patches hit some things spot on and in an obvious way, but was often vague enough to set off rampant speculation. The information in pre-dlc patches also always managed to make news at a wide range of gaming sites and so produced quite a bit of free publicity that way too.
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