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February 26th, 2012, 17:42
Originally Posted by JonNik View Post
A question for the Beta players: was the really distracting popin of items/foliage seen in some videos already fixed in the "Beta" ?
The popin is still there and it can indeed be sort of distracting once you start to take notice of it. When I was playing I was thinking of calling it the "cauliflower" effect . Because that's almost exactly what it looks like.

Originally Posted by JDR13
Which leads me to mention that my companion did not take damage in the Beta. I pray that's not the case in the final release, but something tells me it won't be.
I did not have a problem to get Patty "killed" by some of the high level critters (think cave, darkness, eight legs… ). She definitely took damage and quite a lot of it, too, because she got wiped out quite quickly. I saw her lying on the floor, unconscious, before I ran like hell…

Originally Posted by Nerevarine
I'm really concerned about some of the negative feedback regarding the combat…I thought Risen's combat mechanics were fantastic, staying grounded enough to be immersive/believable while maintaining a near-perfect balance between player skill and character skill. Very few action-based RPGs get those two parts simultaneously right - it usually seem to lean too heavily in one direction or the other - and I would hate to see Risen 2 take a step back in this area.
I'd say that the combat in Risen was a vast improvement, especially over Gothic 3's really terrible combat but it was still far from "fantastic" in my personal opinion.
I played the game on hard and tried to save up as many learning points (LP) as possible since I wanted to delay the decision which path to choose for as long as possible. The game allowed me to reach something like level 18 with a minimal investment in LP. And that's just completely wrong. You know there is a major problem with the combat system and the balancing if it allows you to pull off that kind of stuff.

I have actually never been much of a fan of the combat in PB games. It was always way too simple (all you needed in the Gothics was the left/right melee combo… that makes a whooping two keys to pwn everything in the games from start to finish), too exploitable (favored by poor AI and poor pathfinding), poorly animated, too random (thanks to no real target lock) and just plain unsatisfying in many regards.
Nope. Combat (or more precisely melee combat at least) is a definite nuisance in PB games to me. Magic and ranged was OK for the most part but melee always sucked IMHO…
I enjoy PB games because of the living, breathing world, the atmosphere, the exploration, the immersion, the different quest solutions, the factional differences, the humor, the rewarding progress in character development and lots of other things but certainly not the (melee) combat.
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