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November 13th, 2018, 13:58
There is no needs for new. Only improvement.

Weird demand this new stuff as people on this site are addicted to UgoIgo, an antiquated format and most products, not only do not add improvements to the UgoIgo department but also do not match the level of quality of past UgoIgo products.

Nothing new and worse.

Originally Posted by Drithius View Post
It's not refusal, it's complacency. Why change the recipe for the gruel if you got a line around the block?
Or focus.

The article reports physics issues over 60 FPS.

TES does not benefit from higher FPS. It adds nothing.
Running smoothly at 144FPS wont make it a good game. Running smoothly at 60 FPS capped wont make it a poor game.

This demand shows the cultural supremacist background: the product must be meant for people, if it is not, then people feel insecure.
This kind of demand come from people who buy a rig not to play game but products that run at max current technology.

TES6 is unlikely to show any improvement over TES5, causes wont be 60 FPS only.
Higher framerate adds nothing.
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