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November 13th, 2018, 20:38
While I do like that the Creation/Gamebryo engines have been wonderful resources for modders, I'm not too happy to see this news (though predictable as it was).

I had been saying to friends and family for years that the Gamebryo/Creation engines were very old and outdated. Bethesda was so insistent on reusing older technology, that by the time a game like The Witcher 3 came along, it completely upended one of their titles (like Fallout 4) by showing them that a game could look gorgeous and run beautifully. Top notch writing, fantastic character development, and so much more were the cherries on top - much of which Bethesda titles lack already. Now Fallout 4's flaws are out there in the open for everyone to see. And I'm glad, because now the general public is starting to realize how, well, dated the foundation is.

Interestingly, it seems like some AAA studios get a free pass on good reviews, in that positive reception is proportionate to the amount of hype a game receives if it is made by a certain developer (Rockstar and Bethesda are good examples), even if the average player rating is much lower (RDR2 and Fallout 4 reflect that). Though, players are seemingly becoming more aware of developers recycling older designs, which is wonderful. Fallout 4 was fairly received by critics, but a lot of them made note about how aged it looked and functioned in comparison to recent games like TW3.

That said, I'm disappointed. I wanted Bethesda to spend the money and time to move on to something newer and better built - money is clearly not an issue. Again, I'm happy for the modders, but I shouldn't have to resort to using a mod to fix a quest bug or engine limitation.
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