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November 14th, 2018, 01:15
Originally Posted by ChatMiauleur View Post
I totally respect your experience @wolfgrimdark but I do not know how you can play the full campaign of Skyrim without for example a mod like the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch. There are like thousand of fixes, going from trivial misplaced texture mappings, to essential quest fixes. Many of those bugs being present since the first Skyrim edition.

I seem to remember some of your posts, years ago, where you mentioned you loved to mod Skyrim. You returned to the vanilla experience since?
The talk was around Werewolf: The Apocalypse, a tabletop from White wolf and you posted some screenshots of your quite modded Skyrim
I used the UNOF patch for a while but for the most part didn't see it as needed for my own game play. I simply didn't have that many issues with the base game and I have done all the main questlines for vanilla and all the DLC. When the UNOF moved to Legendary and a lot of mods became out of date that had dependency on it I stopped using it. I know it fixes tons and tons of things. But since my game worked fine without and I didn't seem to notice not having it installed, after playing for a month without it, I stopped using it as it meant more flexibility with many older mods I used.

I suspect some of that is little issues seldom bother me in games and the only issues I had were small side quests ones or ones that had work arounds - like the Vilkas one.

I have 3340 hours in Skyrim. Half of that is probably from time spent making ENB persets, mods, and doing story writing and screen-archery. The rest was mostly game play.

I still mod a lot though. I have 140 plugins (excluding official) and 267 overall mods. My game has been nice and stable ever since the fall creators update came out for win10. While I now use Vortex for FO4 I continue to use NMM for Skyrim. I don't use LOOT or BASH or any of that but I also don't use a lot of overhaul or complicated mods that tend to cause more conflicts.

I still play on classic though. Don't have any interest in SSE.

I just started a new game with a Tiefling character I made in the CK and have an existing game with a main character I write about. Overall running smooth so no real complains.

I am most certainly NOT saying the UNOF does nothing - its very useful for many people. I can only say in my own experience I simply have not had any big issues (where a big issue for me is a bug that crashes the game or otherwise breaks the main quest line). Could just be lucky after 7 years I guess.

PS - Also modders are a niche to some degree so obviously non-modders do not use the UNOF patch. I just don't think it is as really critical as some make it out to be. People's mileage varies on these things though. I know many passionate modders swear by it. I just don't happen to be one of them.
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