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January 27th, 2010, 18:44
Nice trailer imo

I'm playing the game and quite enjoy it.

Had a bit of a problem at first because I had some corrupt WMP codecs and couldn't get past the opening cut scene…but once I got that sorted and was able to play, I found the game really captivating and a lot of fun to play/explore/quest and develop my character.

To each their own…but I'm finding it just as enjoyable to play as DAO (though different in terms of gameplay).

I think it's a unique RPG experience in several ways and I commend Larian for taking some risks and bringing some new game mechanics to the table.

Besides the graphics which I feel are perfectly suited to the setting and game…I've been very impressed with the Voice Work and Musical Score…both very well done, with the VW being better than some other "top tier" RPGs I've play in the past.

Sorry if there are some who didn't care for it, but I'm having a blast playing it!

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