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Default RPGs for Android devices?

September 24th, 2011, 02:04
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Motoki, which tablet do you have, and how are the controls when trying to play a game like BG?
I have the Viewsonic G Tablet. The viewing angles aren't the best but for something I'm holding in my hand and can move easily to view head on it's not a big for me. Other than that it's a decent tablet for a reasonable price if you don't mind installing a custom rom. The stock OS is pretty crappy.

The controls I think are decent. The mouse pointer is basically your finger and then if you need to type something in there's a little ABC button you hit in the corner the brings up a virtual keyboard sub menu. I'm having an issue with the dialog pop up overlays not showing properly so I need to look into that to be able to play through it, but it seems to be working for other people.

*edit: apparently there's a widescreen mod I need to grab to fix the dialog overlay isssue.

These a blog post with a video of someome playing it on their phone of all things here:…tor-gemrb.html
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