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March 17th, 2013, 18:27
There are a few table top games using the same game settings, that is survival.

Combat, as a highly risk taking endeavour, is to be avoided. Combat decreases the survival rate.

Zombies are way too numerous to kill them all. Killing zombies is just a waste of resources and a risk that seldom pays off. Killing zombies has no meaning by itself.
You dont want to kill or fight zombies. You want to avoid them as most of the encounters against them is made at a loss. You kill zombies when you can do otherwise, when they stand between you and your objectives (loot, cleaning a place to make a shelter of it etc)

So far, their approach have been consistent with the survival experience they want to deliver. Zombies bring no loot and no xp. Because the game is not about combat, it is about survival.

Success will go through achieving objectives in a certain manner (bringing back loot, recruiting, taking no loss/reducing risk as possible) Probably they will tie xp to all those parameters. Might be some combat specialization skills around though.

So far, they demonstrated that they had a clear vision of what they want to deliver and solid ideas on the ways to deliver (been done in some other games so they have reference points)

All it remains to be seen is to whether they manage to stick to their design page.

A lot of features are expected to bring flak on them like macro control over allies, randomization of loot, combat is a secondary dimension, xp tied to completion of objectives etc

Cant remember if they sold an access to alpha and beta gaming. The forums promised to be wild rodeo.
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