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October 23rd, 2006, 20:17
Hmmm… I saw two-and-a-half movies lately which I think are worthy to be mentioned:

1) Team America: World Police. Saw it by accident; a fortunate accident, I might add, as the flick toppled Dodgeball as my favorite comedy seen in 2006.

2) Crimson Force (is that the title?) - a B or C SF flick about a Mars mission gone wrong. Bad special effects, but the story was decent enough to make me want to watch the rest of the movie, which I couldn't (as I had to quit my daily 6:00 a.m. workout to browse the forums).

3) I don't know the title of this flick - unfortunately. Just zapped around a few days ago and discovered this pearl of a Z picture… I didn't see the first half hour, but it was about Neo-Nazi cultists who lived in a papier-mache Mesoamerican temple with crudely painted cardboard walls which made Wolf3D look photorealistic (the movie was from the mid-90s). The cult had a big ray gun, and as a side project these guys tried to reanimate Hitler's frozen body. For some reason or other a band of mercenaries was on their trail, and one of the mercs was a cowboy with a trademark tune. I'd say he was supposed to be comic relief, but the since the whole movie was comic relief…
This flick was up on a par with Shockwaves (the C picture starring Peter Cushing and hordes of underwater Nazi zombies). Incredible.
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