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January 19th, 2010, 20:32
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Woah, sounds like you know your stuff, dte.

I'd rather keep my knight without magic though and I'm not sure about using atypical races or classes, even if they give stat bonuses. I'm not going for the best LMK, just the most "faithful". I am however quite interested in all those skills and talents those three should have. I feel a bit overwhelmed, like the first time in Realms of Arkania, not knowing what's important.
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Relayer's 100% correct about offensive magic. Buffs and status effects (stun, paralyze, sleep, etc) work far better than throwing fireballs. Don't know how that fits into your roleplay, though.

OK, let's take another swing at this with a different approach to your archetypes.

Lady: elf ranger (ranged, autosearch, eventually alchemist for potion manufacturing)

Knight: dracon fighter (sword and shield, if you use the Scottish accent male voice, it will give your dumb tank an air of dignity)

Mage: elf mage (emphasize earth book and get knock spell ASAP; make certain you get the hidden Poseur's Hat out of the monestary to give you a chance at L&T until you've got the magic alternative)

You'd be much better off making the Lady a mook so you can eventually use the Giant Sword and melee, but that doesn't fit your painting terribly well. That party's got some real skill deficiencies, but it should be playable given some patience and TLC, and it fits your roleplay vision fairly well.
Sorry. No pearls of wisdom in this oyster.
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