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January 19th, 2010, 21:07
I can help here.

L&T = Correct, Lockpicking and Traps
The poseurs cap is a class restricted hat wearable only by mage types that gives a bonus to L&T. It's found in the first dungeon.
Only certain classes can do alchemy: alchemist, bishop, ranger and ninja.
Yes, all skills are tied to certain classes, there's a lot of classes that get some of the same skills though. Almost every class has swords, few have alchemy and there a few skills only one class gets.
Elves make the best mages, but a human would work just fine.

If you're doing a Pug type mage you could consider a Bishop, they're all 4 casting classes combined. Mage + Psionic + Alchemist + Priest. I think you could certainly argue Pug had all of those abilities, especially by the later books.
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