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January 20th, 2010, 00:49
I agree with dte´s first suggestion.
The thing to keep in mind is that if you´re gonna play the game with just three characters, you´ll gain quite a bit more levels than you would with 6 and some classes will be more-or-less maxed out long before the end.
Hybrid classes like bishop or lord level slower and have more things to progress in which means they´ll be interesting to develop for a longer time.

Defensive and disabling is where Wiz8´s magic´s at and since the game is quite difficult you´ll need as much diversity in that regard as you can get, especially since you haven´t played the game before.

I´d go with

dracon fighter
tank, duh (will be boring to develop later but since you don´t want him to have any magic, it´s the best bet)

mook bard (lady), changed to ranger after level 18
bard´s instruments are really useful in the first half of the game and will be handy till your primary magic wielder will come to his own, locks and traps are obvious plus, the change to ranger (you need only 18 bard levels to be able to use all instruments) will make the character more interesting to develop, as a mook you´ll be able to wield the mentioned giant´s sword and searching for hidden items will be easier

elf bishop
focus on wizardry and divinity the most, alchemy medium, psionics the least
starts slow but eventually the skill increasing will become faster
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