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May 10th, 2011, 02:51
The word awesome, when applied to a game nowadays, sends a chill down my spine.

The combat, likewise, takes one-button combos and makes them context-sensitive, weapon-specific and surprisingly deep. You'll find that using a staff is a radically different – yet equally satisfying experience when compared with using daggers or even a two-handed sword. It gives weapons that have traditionally been good for nothing but liquidating into spare gold coins a new lease on life. By keeping spellcasting and combat mostly straight-forward, action appears fast and fluid – much like God of War or Fable.
If you've always been hesitant to play as a rogue, for instance (and who would blame you - that class is usually pretty hampered and traditionally a lot less spectacular than many others), you'll find a range of more interesting support abilities at your disposal. Combining these with a simplified but still rewarding combat system, suddenly the appeal of experimenting away from your traditional chosen gameplay style becomes clear.
It seems my fears were correct.
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